Why Is Byju’s Failing?

Byju’s is a popular Indian edtech company that offers online educational courses for students of all ages. However, in recent years, the company has been facing a number of challenges, and its growth has slowed down significantly. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why Byju’s is failing.

1. Unrealistic growth expectations

One of the main reasons for Byju’s failure is its unrealistic growth expectations. In 2021, the company was valued at over $22 billion, making it one of the most valuable edtech companies in the world. However, Byju’s has failed to live up to these expectations. In 2022, the company’s revenue grew by just 40%, compared to 112% growth in 2021.

Byju’s has also been struggling to achieve profitability. In 2022, the company lost over $4 billion. This is due to a number of factors, including high marketing costs and aggressive discounts.

2. Aggressive sales tactics

Byju’s has been criticized for its aggressive sales tactics. The company’s sales representatives have been known to pressure parents into signing up their children for expensive courses. In some cases, sales representatives have even been accused of using fraudulent tactics.

Byju’s aggressive sales tactics have alienated many parents and have damaged the company’s reputation.

3. Poor quality of courses

Byju’s courses have also been criticized for their poor quality. Many parents have complained that the courses are overpriced and that they do not deliver on their promises.

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In some cases, parents have even alleged that Byju’s courses have harmed their children’s academic performance.

4. Competition from other edtech companies

Byju’s is facing increasing competition from other edtech companies, both in India and abroad. These companies are offering high-quality courses at more affordable prices.

Byju’s is also facing competition from traditional educational institutions, such as schools and universities. These institutions are increasingly offering online courses and programs.

5. Economic slowdown

The global economic slowdown is also having a negative impact on Byju’s business. Parents are less willing to spend money on expensive educational courses during a recession.


Byju’s is facing a number of challenges, and it is unclear whether the company will be able to turn things around. Byju’s needs to address its unrealistic growth expectations, aggressive sales tactics, poor quality of courses, and competition from other edtech companies. The company also needs to adapt to the changing economic landscape.

Additional factors that may be contributing to Byju’s failure

  • Lack of innovation: Byju’s has not been very innovative in recent years. The company has focused on selling the same courses over and over again.
  • Poor customer service: Byju’s has been criticized for its poor customer service. Parents have complained that it is difficult to get in touch with Byju’s customer service representatives and that it takes a long time to resolve issues.
  • Negative media coverage: Byju’s has received a lot of negative media coverage in recent years. This has damaged the company’s reputation and has made it more difficult to attract new customers.
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It is important to note that Byju’s is still a large and successful company. However, the company is facing a number of challenges, and it is unclear whether it will be able to maintain its current growth trajectory.

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