What is DigiLocker and How to Use it?

DigiLocker is a cloud-based document storage and sharing platform developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) under the Digital India initiative. It allows users to store their digital documents, such as PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, driving licenses, educational certificates, insurance papers, etc., in a secure and convenient manner. DigiLocker also provides users with the ability to share their documents with authorized entities electronically, without the need to carry physical copies.

Benefits of using DigiLocker

There are many benefits to using DigiLocker, including:

  • Convenience: DigiLocker allows users to access their digital documents from anywhere, anytime, as long as they have an internet connection. This eliminates the need to carry physical copies of documents, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient.
  • Security: DigiLocker uses the latest security technologies to protect users’ documents from unauthorized access. All documents are stored in encrypted form and can only be accessed by the user and authorized entities.
  • Authenticity: DigiLocker documents are digitally signed by the issuing authority, which ensures their authenticity and validity.
  • Legality: DigiLocker documents are legally valid and can be used for various purposes, such as applying for government schemes, jobs, and educational admissions.

How to use DigiLocker

To use DigiLocker, users need to create an account using their Aadhaar number or mobile number. Once an account is created, users can upload their digital documents to DigiLocker or request them directly from the issuing authority. Users can also share their DigiLocker documents with authorized entities electronically by generating a one-time password (OTP).

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Here are the steps on how to use DigiLocker:

  1. Go to the DigiLocker website or download the DigiLocker mobile app.
  2. Create an account using your Aadhaar number or mobile number.
  3. Verify your account using the OTP sent to your mobile number or email address.
  4. Once your account is verified, you can start uploading your digital documents or requesting them directly from the issuing authority.
  5. To upload a digital document, go to the My Documents section and click on the Upload Document button.
  6. Select the document type and upload the scanned copy of the document.
  7. To request a digital document from the issuing authority, go to the Issued Documents section and click on the Request Document button.
  8. Select the document type and the issuing authority.
  9. Click on the Request Document button.
  10. The issuing authority will review your request and send you the digital document if approved.

To share a DigiLocker document with an authorized entity, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the My Documents section and select the document you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share Document button.
  3. Enter the email address or mobile number of the authorized entity.
  4. Click on the Share Document button.
  5. The authorized entity will receive an OTP.
  6. The authorized entity will need to enter the OTP to view or download the document.


DigiLocker is a secure and convenient way to store and share your digital documents. It is a great way to reduce paper waste and save time and effort. If you are not already using DigiLocker, I encourage you to sign up for an account today.

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